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Re: FW: Oops 7/4 and no respect for history

some nice person wrote:
> No station that old is likely to have any of
>its original employees left, or even any left alive in retirement. The fact
>that it's owned by a different company now also, IMO, misses the point. It
>is a heritage station, although it changed its call letters once, 30 years
>ago. The point of being interested in its anniversary is that the station's
>history, as you usually find with any station that old, encompasses some
>significant history of broadcasting. In the case of this station, it
>involved  the Yankee Network, pioneering with FM, the farsighted owner John
>Shepard, the first "chain" broadcast in 1923, and a bunch of other things.

Sadly, even when they DO have someone left who is still alive, the new and
younger staff don't know the person.  Gordon Swan, the last living member of
both WGI and WBZ was not invited to the anniversary this past September--
and yes he is alive, healthy, and very sharp at age 92.  A major nice
person!!!  As for anniversaries, why not celebrate your station's history,
especially when that history involves the first FM in Boston (W1XOK/W1XOJ in
1939), links with the first TV station, and much more...