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Re: New "improved" WEEI signal

        The Globe radio tracks column reports today that WEEI says it is
running at just 10 kW (it isn't clear if this is all the time recently or
just sometimes) so the tower painters don't get zapped while they are on
the job. The article says that the WEEI folks "admit they've been getting
calls from listeners wondering why the signal is so weak at times." It says
they expect to finish within two weeks.
        This would explain a weak signal, as I was noting was occurring on
the South Shore at night (daytime, it wasn't very noticeable there). But it
doesn't explain why the nighttime signal was solid all the way to Charlton
in the west when it should go bad in Framingham. And I'm almost sure the
painters are not working at night, or could they be? And if they're not,
wouldn't you go back to full power? The article doesn't address whether
they're running 10 kW from one tower or more than one.