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RE: The Big 68

>> From: Martin J. Waters         \ Internet:    (mwaters@wesleyan.edu)
>> On my Superradio III, with the wideband on, I listened to some of the
>>WRKO day of music on the fourth.

>RKO did another day of music?  And I missed it???

And "Oh Boy!" what you missed:

1. Announcer (Katz?) reminiscing about a particular song and album (let's   
say Tom Petty for example) while the music played (Creedence) bore   
absolutely no relation to the group the announcer was talking about.

2. Afternoon Rock 'N'  Roll bad-boy "Howie Carr" waxing eloquent about   
Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall Pt.II".  What gets played?  About   
one minutes worth of A.B.I.T.W Reprise - not the Real Song.

3. Paradise By The Dashboard Light - w/o Phil Rizzuto.

4. Marjorie (and Tai - still living in her shadow) mumbling about their   
favorite band "Boston" and their "Favorite Song" i.e. "Long Time".   What   
was played?  The cut before "Long Time" i.e. "Foreplay" and then "Long   
Time"  I know they're all one cut on the CD, but that ain't the way it   
was on the LP.  And the LP came first.  Only revisionist AORheads   
consider them to be one song.  The same way ice cream stand clerks   
consider "WhippedCream'N'Nuts" to be one inseparable item.

5. Noon Top Of The Hour Jingle promoting "News - followed by more music".   
 Followed by "LOTS AND LOTS OF SILENCE".  Followed by another jingle   
touting "A Commercial Break - followed by more music".  Followed by "EVEN   
MORE LOTS OF SILENCE".  Followed by the News Sounder and a very mediocre   

All this in just the 2 hours I was listening.  I cringe to think of all   
the other gaffes (engineering and musical) I was fortunate enough to   

>It always befuddles me how little effort they put into what could be a
>great promotion.

Very Little Effort.

This was just a contest.  To win a trip to Bermuda, all you had to do   
A. Listen "all day" on the 4th of July.
B. Write down all 68 songs, artists and albums - in order.
C. Listen to Marjorie & Company on Monday.
D. Wait for the cue to call.
E. Be the 68th caller.
F. Answer the question correctly.

The songs played were touted as being "voted" by the listeners.  Sounded   
 mostly like WEGQ listeners.

Flames expected.

Roger Kirk a.k.a. The Wizard Of Music