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Re: WROR...and the Pru

If you can get your hands on a scanner, GM's engineering two-way radio
goes over 450.4625 -- they're talking about it all the time...Not
sure when they'll be done...'KLB has been up there for a while now... 

GM is spending a fortune on these projects since they cant get on
the jointly owned master antenna('BCN,'MJX,'XKS, 'ZLX) which has
a couple of vacant slots...'JMN  thought they could get on of those
vacant slots when they applied and got their CP. But Infinity stopped it
way back. So, if 'JMN ever wants to be up they'll have to spend some money
like GM is doing now....

- -M

On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, BUMP MARTIN wrote:

> I know WKLB (96.9) is moving there...and doing their testing....
> But does't WROR have to deliver an xMv/m signal over Framingham?
> I thought that is what kept the 'Fairbanks Folk' from doing this years
> ago....