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WQDY Calais

Traveling through Washington County, Maine this week.  The only station on
the air in the county is "International Radio" WQDY, which broadcasts on 92.7
FM and 1230 AM and on 95.3 WALZ Machias.  The station is all locally
produced, except for Red Sox baseball and ABC News.  The odd thing  is the
station plays just about anything.  I heard Kenny Rogers and INXS back to
back and they play music that you would usually only hear on country, AC and
CHR stations all in the same hour on the same station.  Weird, but I guess it
works because untill WHRR gets on the air they are the only game in town.
 You can get some Canadain stations and WVON Howland well, but everything
else is weak.

It also appears that 1400 WMCM Machias is still off the air.  There was a
report in Northeast Radio Watch that it was back on, but so far I have not
been able to hear it, though it may be that I am still out of range.  I will
be driving through Machias tomorrow and will check again.

Also, WHOU Houlton is running local programming again, at least when I was
acle to listen between 8am and 10am.  The last I heard they were simulcating
with WQDY, but that must not be the case anymore because I have not heard it
mentioned in the IDs on WQDY and they do ID the AM and WALZ.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine