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Re: engineers-- I need advice!!!

> I don't know if it works or not, but I'd bet it's still there.  The
> Cohen brothers *never* threw anything out, as anyone who's used the
> (still-working) WCAP refrigerator can attest.

I wouldn't want to be the one to plug it back in...  And yes, THE
refrigerator - it always reminded me of that infamous Lassie episode when
they fired the Ice Man and brought in the brand new Norge, only to cause
the pup to go into canine crisis when the 'Ice Box' started to humm.  (Yes,
Virginia, it's been a long day.)

As for 16" turntables, there are (or were) a few pairs of QRKs with the
original felt at WJUL Lowell.  Since replaced by quartz locked progeny, who
knows where they are now.  I remember the occasional rumble the platters
would make without proper 'puck maintenance' (try working THAT into a new
conversation).  With the right tone arms and hardware, they worked as well
as anything.  Also, as previously referenced in the past in this space, the
WHDH Stuart St. studio (rip) in master control had 2 16" QRKs that Jim
Sands opted to use for his Sat. night oldies show.  Try slip cueing with a
12" base after growing up on the 16" - no easy task?  

The original post was relative to the type of needle for metal discs..
can't help there.