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Re: miCroBSoft?

Dan Strassberg wrote:
Must have something to do with Microsoft's
> arrogance, their bloated applications, their no-help help files, and the
> fact that, last January and February, I devoted two months of my life to an
> unsuccessful attempt to get Windows 95 to work satisfactorily on my (then)
> year-old Pentium PC. I almost lost my job in the process. And now that my
> company has announced that we are all to get Windows 95 at work, the whole
> damned fiasco is about to start all over again.

I couldn't agree more.  I even upgraded my home computer and loaded in
Windows 95, only to encounter the same old problems.
We use 3.1 at home...and at work, without any pain or anguish.  I'm
thinking of donating my 95 CDs to a station skeet shoot, if I can
convince management to hold one.   :)

Dan Cole
Dover, NH

...PULL!!!...take THAT, Bill Gates.....