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Fireworks synchronized to music

With 4th of July weekend here, many cities will tie in their fireworks
festivities with a local station and have them "syncronized to the music".
While I know this idea has been around for 20 years or more, exactly how is
this done?

I'm assuming this is a package deal...a special package of fireworks and a
special CD with subsonic tones that somehow set off the fireworks in a
certain sequence.  Here in Manchester, N.H. WGIR has done this for several
years...I seriously doubt there's enough creativity there to pull this off
without outside help.

Are there separate packages for different formats?  The music 'GIR uses is
heavily classic-rock oriented, but they're an AOR.  I've heard of AC
stations sponsoring these things, too...can't imagine them playing Van Halen.


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