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Channel 35 (Lewiston/Portland) Was: Must carry

Channel 35 (WWLA) will be a FULL POWERED UHF station serving the Portland
the market.  This is one of those long-awaited CP's that are now almost
ready to materialize.  Chances are WSBK-TV will be bumped off many cable
systems in Maine anyway due to the influx of UPN programming taking a big
chunk of Channel 38's primetime schedule.  The WSBK-TV we were used to
seeing on every cable system from Maine to California to Canada is nothing
but a memory.  The once formidable Superstation has lost the rights to the
Red Sox to a once lowly local UHF station (the now highly respected WABU-TV/
Channel 68).  The Bruins, once a staple of that once mighty TV-38, are slowly
being edged out to pay cable (NESN) more times than not.  When the Three
Stooges were dumped in favor of some UPN movie block, it was time to jump
ship.  I find myself very rarely tuning into "UPN-38".  The station lost its'
"local feel".  Even "Ask The Manager" seems more like an infomercial for
UPN programming than the informational program that it once was.

IMHO, you understand. :-|

- -Pete-

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