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WSBK was Ch 35

On Thu, 3 Jul 1997, PETER GEORGE, N1GGP wrote:

> Red Sox to a once lowly local UHF station (the now highly respected WABU-TV/
> Channel 68).  The Bruins, once a staple of that once mighty TV-38, are slowly
> being edged out to pay cable (NESN) more times than not.  When the Three

  OK in fairness to WSBK, they never had a prayer of getting the Red Sox
contract back. Seems MLB (Major League Baseball) is trying to get away
from the superstation route. Even the mighty WTBS will become a basic
cable service later this year, and will offer programming that is not the
same at Channel 17 in Atlanta. (major change for viewers will be that
local cable companies can insert their own ads at times, which they can
not do with a "superstation".

  Don't be surprised to see one of two things happen in the next year...

1. WABU takes over the Bruins and Celtics contracts now on 38


2. WSBK (Paramount-Viacom) buys WABU from Boston University.

   Meanwhile WSBK still owns 24% of NESN

    Happy 4th!!!!!!