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Re: Can any of you explain this?

<<On Sat, 10 May 1997 13:30:47 -0400 (EDT), KEVIN VAHEY <fenway@zip1.ziplink.net> said:

> Montreal had what could be called a "good" signal. The old CFCF (600)
> which can trace its routes to 1919 and Marconi himself, CJAD (800) and
> CKGM (now 990) all had terrible nightime patterns. I can remember back in
> the early 70's that baseball fans who wanted to listen to the Expo games
> at Parc Jarry needed to tune into WVMT Burlington instead of CFCF.

CIQC (the old CFCF) transmits from Kahnawake.  I shot video of the
towers; it's a four-stick in-line array, pointed directly at the
city parallel to route 132 (?).  I would imagine that it had a great
signal into downtown before the major office buildings went up, but I
bet it dropped off pretty sharply in the West Island...
and in the East End, for that matter.  As for the others, I never
managed to find the CJAD site; it's by far the furthest south of the
lot.  The 850 site was right across the river from Verdun, on my way
to Chateaugay... the 990 site was on the way back, off that funny
little discontiguous autoroute whose number I can't remember right

You're right about 'VMT having a great signal that way; I think they
only stations they have to protect are Newark, Bangor, and Syracuse,
so they pretty much beam north to northwest.  I recall you could
listen to them pretty much from the Ontario line back to Burlington at
night.  Of course, had the 'Spos managed to get carried on WEZF, they
wouldn't have needed a local English-language outlet...

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