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Re: Can any of you explain this?

At 01:44 AM 5/11/97 +0000, you wrote:

>You're right about 'VMT having a great signal that way; I think they
>only stations they have to protect are Newark, Bangor, and Syracuse,
>so they pretty much beam north to northwest.

Burlington protects only Bangor and Milwaukee, I think. On 620, all of the
other stations in the northeast and midwest are newer, I believe. I recall
WVMT's night pattern as being a figure eight, pretty much on a north-south
line. Bangor protects Milwaukee. Syracuse protects Bangor, Burlington, and
Milwaukee. Newark protects all of them. By virtue of protecting Bangor,
Syracuse protects Burlington. Before its increase to 10 kW-N (and 50 kW-D),
Milwaukee protected only St Petersburg. St Petersburg, which had the very
first DA anywhere, protects Milwaukee.

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