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Re: Curt Gowdy Radio.....

D7695@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-05-07 02:10:28 EDT, you write:
> <<  Later, of
>  course, it became WCGY (Curt GowdY radio).
>  Take care--
>   >>
> I thought it stood for Curt Gowdy Yuck!
> <g>

At one time Gowdy owned WBBX (1380AM) in Portsmouth, NH.  Although he
was long gone when I arrived with the new owner in 1977, some of the
employees still talked about the times that he came in, slightly loaded,
grabbed a mike, and demanded to be put on the air for a few comments. 
Betcha THAT was fun  :)

Dan Cole