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Re: more exciting Boston radio dates

At 05:32 AM 5/7/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Where I lived in Bedford, I couldn't get WCRB (AM) at night at all.
>Eventually, I discovered that my neighborhood was apparently in some null.
>While driving in my car, with the radio on WCRB (AM), I found that the
>signal came it fine until I turned off the main road to my own
>neighborhood.  At that point, the signal disappeared.
The old night pattern was a classic three-tower modified cosine-squared. A
nearby station with a virtually identical pattern (they use it day and
night) is WSMN in Nashua (1590). WSMN's array was designed mainly to protect
the old WQQW in Waterbury (RIP), but it also protects WUNR and a station on
1590 in RI (unless the RI 1590 has gone dark). In any event, if you were
really curious (and why should anyone be _that_ curious?), you could take a
drive up to the area northwest of Nashua and you'd probably be able to find
a spot where the same thing that happened to WCRB happens to WSMN.

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