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Re: more exciting Boston radio dates

On Tue, 6 May 1997, Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Anyhow, I think the big thing that WCRB (AM) had over WBMS signal-wise was a
> full-time signal, albeit not a very good one.

I think you may be right.  I think that certainly had a part in the
failure of WXHR to compete with an AM signal.  The 740 signal is a pretty
good one, but with no nighttime signal, it was at a distinct disadvantage.

Where I lived in Bedford, I couldn't get WCRB (AM) at night at all.
Eventually, I discovered that my neighborhood was apparently in some null.
While driving in my car, with the radio on WCRB (AM), I found that the
signal came it fine until I turned off the main road to my own
neighborhood.  At that point, the signal disappeared.

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