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George H. Jaspert

Glenn wrote:
>I'm quite sure that George Jaspert was the owner of WCCM, 800 AM, ("Radio
>8") in Lawrence during the mid to late 60's, before it was sold to Curt
>I thought his name was Jasper, without the final "t."  During that time
>WCCM's FM outlet, 93.7 FM, was WGHJ-FM (for Jaspert's initials).  Later, of
>course, it became WCGY (Curt GowdY radio).

George Jaspert (with a T) was quite an interesting story, and one of the
many I am writing up for the Archives, along with one on Irv Vermilya of
WNBH in New Bedford and the legendary eccentric Colonel E.H. R. Green of
WMAF fame.  Jaspert spent years trying (in vain) to get back to Boston
radio.  His career went all the way back to 1921 when he was station manager
of Westinghouse's KYW (which was at that time in Chicago, I believe); and
then they moved him to Springfield to put WBZ on later that year.  He made
some incredible innovations at WBZ in the 1920s... like many radio folks, he
bounced around (in Providence, Lowell, Lawrence, etc-- and as I mentioned
earlier, he also tried in vain to buy the license of WORL to put the station
back on the air...)  I would not be surprised if he owned several smaller
market stations, but I know his heart was always in getting back to a major