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Re: boston-radio-interest-digest V1 #32

At 08:38 PM 5/5/97 -0400, you wrote:

>Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 02:40:10 -0400
>From: Donna Halper <dlh@donnahalper.com>
>Subject: more exciting Boston radio dates

>November 4, 1949, the initial approval came for Pilgrim Broadcasting Co. to
>take over the license and facilities of the former WORL.  (Among those
>competing for the license-- and losing-- was a company headed by George
>Jaspert, a veteran broadcaster who had been WBZ's first GM back in 1921 and
>later was GM at a number of New England stations, including WLAW..)  

I'm quite sure that George Jaspert was the owner of WCCM, 800 AM, ("Radio
8") in Lawrence during the mid to late 60's, before it was sold to Curt Gowdy.  
I thought his name was Jasper, without the final "t."  During that time
WCCM's FM outlet, 93.7 FM, was WGHJ-FM (for Jaspert's initials).  Later, of
course, it became WCGY (Curt GowdY radio).
Take care--

Glenn Spatola
(360) 871-8237