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Re: Time oddity (DST)

At 08:27 PM 5/6/97 +0000, you wrote:
>And WE are not even near the western end of the time zone like those in,
>say, Ohio, where the sun sets amost 60 minutes later on their clock, ET. 
>Summers, EDT sunrise is around six and sunset is as late as 9:30 (great for
>that time of year) but in winter, EST, kids go to school in the dark as
>late as 8:15.  Imagine EDT all year with sunrise around 9 AM!  Daytimers
>without presunrise licenses would miss AM drive altogether. 
The FCC came to the rescue of the daytimers and moved the starting time of
PSRAs to 6:00 AM local time. Even daytimers that were not entitled to PSRAs
got them during that period and were allowed to sign on (though not at full
daytime power) one hour before the artificially-late sunrise.

The old WGTR Natick had a PSRA for 1.6W, which allowed them to cover South
Natick and maybe as far north in Framingham as the old downtown section.
They ran their 1.6W from 6:00 to 7:15 and 50W from 7:15 to sunrise at 8:15.
They also got an extra hour on the air at full power between 4:15 PM and
5:15 PM.

WLIB, which then ran 10 kW-DA from New York sunrise to Ft Wayne sunset from
a TX about seven miles from Manhattan in New Jersey got to sign on at 7:15
with 50W. It wasn't enough to reach Manhattan. So they applied for a waiver
and were granted 214W for that extra morning hour. I think the reasoning was
that WLIB's DA was designed to protect WOWO from daytime skywave and hence
WLIB could use whatever power would send a signal equivalent to 50W toward
Ft Wayne.  

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