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My "Writing Staff"

On 5/1/97 Kevin Vahey wrote:
>>>I will never forget one of the funniest stories I have ever heard which he
was a part of.
Back in the mid 60's Bud Ballou and Dale Dorman were working on rival
in Syracuse at the same time slot. One night they worked out a prank which
must of driven button pushers in Syracuse (and later the east coast) 
nuts.......Dale would play a song....Bud would play the same song 20
seconds later......this went on the entire night........the next night
they enlisted Jeff Kaye at WKBW todo the same thing and Jeff worked out
something with rival station WYSL...according to Bud by the end of the week,
Dorman was defacto music director for who knows how many stations between
 Syracuse and Chicago. The prank ended when WLS and WCFL did it and finally
management woke up.>>>

 This reminded me of something I did a few times in my college radio days at
UMass (during that same era). While doing my morning show, I listened to Ron
Landry on WDRC (Hartford) in my headset. He'd do a bit or a gag. Right after
my record, I'd do the same bit or gag. I never could figure out why my
"ratings" weren't higher!  :-)
Maybe the Arbitron people were pushing buttons and caught on to my "act". I
always credited Landry as my "writer"! (On my night show, I did the same
thing with Joey Reynolds on KB - I recently told him about this!)  Oh well, 2
out of the 3 of us went on to bigger and better things.  :-)
 Sonny Daye