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Re: WNHC / WTNH / Ch. 6 / Ch. 8

On Sat, 12 Apr 1997, Scott D Fybush wrote:

> The original Upstate NY allocations looked like this:

This looks more like Northeast allocations than just upstate NY.
> 4 WRGB Schenectady (on air 194?), WBEN-TV Buffalo (on air 1948),
>    WNBT New York (on air 1941), WBZ-TV Boston (on air 1948),
>    CBOT Ottawa (on air 1954?)

At the time when WRGB moved from Channel 4 to Channel 6, they were saying
that it had been on Channel 4 for 15 years.  That would mean they were on
the air in 1939.

I believe that WNBT originally was on Channel 1.

> The first big shift happened in the early 50s; as we've noted, 
> New Haven went from 6 to 8 and Schenectady from 4 to 6.  At the same
> time, Rochester shifted from 6 to 5 to prevent short-spacing to

The move of WJAR-TV in Providence from Channel 11 to Channel 10 came
before this.  It happened before we moved to Albany in late 1953.

I remember, while in Albany, seeing listings in TV Guide for a WKNY-TV,
Channel 66, somewhere in upstate New York. 

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