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Re: WNHC / WTNH / Ch. 6 / Ch. 8

Of course I do...let's pull out the '94 BY and check:

Albany's WXXA (23) was on in 1982, with WUSV (45) joining it later in
the decade.  45 later became noncomm WMHX, then went dark and 
returned as noncomm WMHQ.  16 in Watertown and 18 in Norwood both
list 1971 as on-air dates.  In Montreal, CFCF-TV is listed with a 
1961 sign-on date.  No date for CFTM (10) is listed, but I suspect
it was 1960-61 as well.  17 is listed with a 1975 start-up date,
with CFJP joining them in 1986.

- -s