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Re: WNHC / WTNH / Ch. 6 / Ch. 8

<<On Sat, 12 Apr 1997 14:40:35 -0400 (EDT), fybush@world.std.com (Scott D Fybush) said:

> 2 WGR-TV Buffalo (on air 1954), CBFT Montreal (on air 1952), WCBW NYC (1941)

> 6 WHAM-TV Rochester (on air 1949), WNHC-TV New Haven (on air 1948), CBLT
>    Toronto (1954, after WHAM-TV moved to channel 5)

Don't forget that Montreal's CBMT also signed on, on channel 6, in
1954 (January 10th).  Presumably, they actually made it on prior to
WIRI...  Previously, the English and French-language programming
had shared time on CBFT 2.  I don't know when 10 and 12 signed on in

> UHF in the 50s up here?  Not much...Buffalo had WBUF-TV 17, which

Of course, in Vermont, the first U to sign on was WVNY 22, but that
didn't happen until about 1970, and went dark the first time around;
the first U in Montreal was channel 17, CIVM, but I couldn't give a
date for that.  In the St. Lawrence Valley the only ones I know of are
WNPE 16 Watertown and WNPI 18 Norwood, a PBS simulcast, and that
bizarre commercial station in Watertown.  All of the other Us are
relatively recent: WCFE 57 and WETK 33 both date from the 1970s; CFJP
35 Montreal signed on in 1987; and of course WFFF 44 Burlington has
yet to make even a test transmission.

(Channel 44 has been in the works since the early 80s; if you go to
the local history section of the Burlington library, you can see some
environmental impact statements which were filed when it was in the
early planning stages, and the owners wanted to transmit from South
Burlington as a way to get the station on quickly.)

I'm certain you have the records which would give dates for WXXA,
WMHT-TV, and the other Albany-area U's.