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WEZE Retro

For a time in the early 70's, WEZE did some pretty interesting things to
come out of their "beautiful music" world.  They did a slow migration from
'b/m' to mellow/album rock in 1971 when they were "Beautifully Modern WEZE."
I don't think they pulled it off too well because they had most of their
'beautiful music' voices trying to sound 70's-hip.  

They went through a time being just an oldies station to what became a
pretty good station playing a  unique mix (pardon the expression) of Top 40
and oldies.  They had a great air-staff with, as best as I can recall:
        Alan Colmes, mornings
        Bill Lowell, midday
        Neil Cannon, formerly Neil Gran of WMEX, doing afternoon drive
        Keith Simmons, later to be known as Ron Dwyer, at night
        Bob (Mr. Boston-Radio-Ubiquity) Stewart, overnight

I'm sure there were others, whose names I left out.  Forgive me.  I loved
this station!  It was a breath of fresh air to those of us who had AM-only
in our cars, and were tired of hearing the Top-40-only WRKO and the
faltering Rodney-The-Rodent WMEX.

They went through a few, slight format changes like "Z-1260," "Playing
Favorites," and finally "Summer Gold."  They went back to beautiful music in
late Summer 1974.

In 1977, Clark Schmidt came in with a 'sappier-than-BZ-FM' album rock sound
referring to the station as "1260-1260" (a Mary Hartman spoof?), and
"1260-EZ Street."  He had names like Ron Dwyer and Bill Smith doing air
shifts.  It, too, was a decent sounding station with an interesting
promotional campaign:  "Joni without the Baloni,"  "The Eagles without the
Turkeys," etc.  That was the last thing they did before going to religious

Other than that, I've hardly even heard of the station.

- -Lou

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