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Sox radio on the Cape

<<On Tue, 08 Apr 1997 20:46:37 -0700, Ed Cochran <ecochran@capecod.net> said:

> Kevin Vahey wrote:
>> On another note, did you see the Globe today about the lack of a Red Sox
>> station on the cape?

> Yeah...I guess Al Makkay (owner of WCIB, WPXC, WRZE) decided he couldn't make 
> enough money on the Red Sox.  He's probably right.  I guess the fees are 
> tremendous.

But let's be honest here... none of those stations really have
appropriate formats for running any kind of sports.  The Sox games on
'CIB were probably turning off quite a few of their listeners (even
though it did make it easy to identify 'CIB on tropo up here).  It
might make a bit more sense on WXTK...

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