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Re: Ed Miller, Hank Bouchard and crew......

I've recently seen Barbara Borin sitting in as host on a local restaurant
show on NECN.

Does anyone remember Hank Bouchard playing a cowboy character during the
Salty Brine weekday kid's show on channel 12 during the 60's?

At 03:38 PM 4/7/97 -0400, PETER GEORGE wrote:
>Bouchard, host of Channel 7's "Money Movie at 4" in 1968 and later on
>was staff announcer and host "Dialing for Dollars" on WPRI-TV, Channel 12
>in Providence died last year of an undisclosed ailment.  He was THE voice
>of Channel 12.
>     Dr. Fred Ward and Barbara Borin are somewhere out there in TV Land
>living their lives out of the business.  Or it would seem like that.

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