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Ed Miller, and other TV personalities?

  If I remember right, there was about a month transition between formats,
and I
can recall Ed Miller from Dialing for Dollars spinning records.

WOW!  Now there's a name from the past!  Ed Miller! "Dialing for Dollars"!
I think I have a tape of the last day of WNAC....I'll have to listen again
and see if it's him!

Does anyone know whatever happenned to him after D4D's went off the air?

Also, Hank Bouchard?  Dr. Fred Ward?  And who can forget the hype about
Barbara Borin...Boston's first Woman Sportscaster!  (How *will* she get the
locker room interviews?  The station played that up for maximum promotional
benefit.  Didn't she win a contest to get on the air or something?)