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Re: Johnny Dark/John Rode

>From what I understand now he is doing afternoon-drive at a 'Lite-FM' station
>in Florida...apparently he is living near his kids/daughters..

You are correct.  He works PM drive in Miami at WFLC "Coast 97.3", a Cox 
station.  His delivery is quite the far cry from what he did at his other 
stints.  Aside from those mentioned, he also worked 2 other Miami/Ft. Lauderdale 
stations, WSRF, and WMYQ(FM), one of the Bartell "Q" stations of the 70s. Dark 
has been relegated to reading the liner card, but he still sounds good, even 
though some may not recognize its him at first.

>.and living a 'gentler' life....

Hmm, just curious as to what you mean by that.

- --tony simon

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