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1967 radio

So with all the reminiscing about radio in the late 60s and Arko-matic and
the end of the Yankee Network, I thought I'd look at a day in February 1967
and see what you might have listened to:  

There was WHDH-FM at 94.5--  and for those who think sports on FM are a new
phenomenon, WHDH AM and FM aired different Boston pro sports events, with
the AM getting basketball and the FM carrying hockey; WGBH was around at
89.7; the MIT college station was known as WTBS, at 88.1; WXHR-FM was still
around at 96.9; WBOS-FM was at 92.9; WBUR was at 90.9; WBCN was still
playing educational and classical music at 104.1; WCOP-FM was at 100.7;
WKOX-FM occupied 105.7; WHIL-FM was at 107.9... just to name a few (these
listings are courtesy of the Globe and the Herald, cross-checked against the
Worcester Telegram).

On AM, if you were growing up in the 60s, you recall Mel Miller doing
afternoon drive at WMEX;  Larry Justice was doing mornings, Charlie Tuna did
mid-days, and the legendary Arnie Ginsberg did evenings.  Alan Dary, who had
been one of the "Live Five" on WBZ in the 50s, was doing afternoons at WHDH.
Bob Clayton's "Boston Ballroom" had moved to evenings.  And speaking of
evenings, at WBZ there was Bruce Bradley (who also did Saturday
afternoons)-- and thanks to Martin Waters for the tip on the excellent
article about Bruce in the St. Louis newspaper.  Paul Benzaquin was doing
afternoons on WEEI in early 1967; WCOP had long since moved away from its
1950s attempt at top-40 and was mainly doing NBC network programming.  And
of course, Don Gillis had a nightly sports show on WHDH...