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Re: 1967 radio

On Sat, 5 Apr 1997, Donna Halper wrote:

> On AM, if you were growing up in the 60s, you recall Mel Miller doing
> afternoon drive at WMEX;  

Mel Miller did the late morning show, called "Housewives' Hit Parade."  He
did afternoon drive under the name "Melvin X. Melvin."  I think that one
was called the "Gold Platter Show."  As I recall, he used a little bit of
echo in the morning, so that his voice would sound different.

> Larry Justice was doing mornings, Charlie Tuna did
> mid-days, and the legendary Arnie Ginsberg did evenings. 

That depends on when in the 1960s.  In February 1967, your time-frame for
the FM band, Arnie Ginsberg had already defected to WRKO and been forced
off the airwaves by the Richmond Brothers lawsuit.

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