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The Original Channel 50 (WXPO-TV)......

     As a kid of 10 (1970), I remember WXPO-TV Channel 50 quite well for
the six months it operated.  I recall that "TV-50 Bingo" program and
"NewsCentral 50" news at 10:00 pm.  The "Treehouse 50" show had those WB
Looney Tunes shorts wrapped around the local inserts with two guys who
seemed to forget their lines or simply had nothing to say.  It was
similar to today's local cable access shows...very crude in production
values.  But, I really enjoyed this little station from Windham, NH.
I lived in Randolph, MA at the time (roughly 15 miles South of Boston)
and WXPO-TV came in just fine on a loop antenna. Fact is, WXPO had a
BETTER signal than today's WNDS (The now late TV-50).
     I sent a letter to WXPO-TV in the summer of 1973 asking about the
chance that Channel 50 be reactivated.  I got a nice letter from a Mr.
Louis Ziddle that told me that "definite plans are underway to re-activate
TV-50 sometime in the fall".  He also told me that they tested the WXPO
transmitter on July 17, 1973 from 12:00 am to 6:00 am.  The response was
encouraging, enough to make the plans I just mentioned.  It never came to
pass. The WXPO license was allowed to lapse in 1979.
     WXPO-TV was unfortunately a little ahead of its' time.  I was sad
to see it go bust.  Nearly 30 years later, I'm seeing the same thing
happening all over again.  DAMN.

- -Pete-

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