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Live Local News & ...

>Second thing:  Does anyone know what has happened to State Trooper 
>Bill?  Some time ago, his voice was very hoarse and then I noticed that 
>Heckburn (sp?) started filling in and then just became "Officer Bill"?

Either Joe Martelle or Bill Heckbert mentioned on-air on WROR a while back 
that Officer Bill was doing well recuperating from some surgery or some 
such to his throat, and that he was not allowed to speak on the air for a 
while.  I can't recall the exact reason, but it may have been removal of 
cysts or polyps from his throat.

I assume they intend for him to come back, since they still refer to the 
traffic reports as "Officer Bill's Timesaver Traffic with Bill Heckbert..."

BTW, if you see a Chevy Astro minivan in MA State Police colors, that's 
Officer Bill's 'cruiser.'  I haven't seen it around in a long time (I'd see 
it a couple of times a month in my travels), so I assume no other trooper 
is using it at the moment.

Ed Hennessy