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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 4/3: Snow, Snow, and More Snow

At 05:59 AM 4/3/97 +0000, you wrote:
>On Thu, 3 Apr 1997, Scott D Fybush wrote:
>> Changes in the works at Bob Bittner's WJIB (740 Cambridge-
>> Boston): The station's staff has doubled, as Tory Gates 
>> rejoins 'JIB as morning host and public affairs director.  
>> With Tory on hand, Bob will be able to concentrate more on 
>> WJTO up in Maine, which has added "Let's Talk About Radio" 
>> to its schedule Sunday afternoons at 12:06 PM.
>"rejoins" ?
Well, yeah--kind of. For several months a while back, Tory did the public
affairs block that precedes LTAR each Sunday. I need to ask Bob whether Tory
will be continuing at WADN as well. WADN appears to have picked up Todd
Feinberg as its morning host (and heaven knows what other jobs). But Tory
has been doing a music show on Saturday afternoons at WADN. That might continue.

I think that for a while, three or four years ago, back when 1510 carried
the TalkAmerica network full time, Feinberg did a morning show on the
network with his wife or significant other Rosalie. (I don't recall surname
she uses professionally.) Rosalie is a chef and is (was?) the proprietor of
two rather upscale restaurants (Rosalie's)--one in Marblehead and one in

Actually, Rosalie and Todd got started in radio on WADN. They had a program
on food there that preceded the TalkAmerica gig. I suspect, though, that
prior to the shows he did with Rosalie, Todd probably had some background in
radio. He has a pretty good radio voice, and his brother, who made regular
appearances on the TalkAmerica show, is a film maker.

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