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Ch 5

Yes, WTAG  did make an effort at Channel 5 early on.  In 1972 i brought a
friend up
to the WSRS facility on N. Asnabunsket  Hill in Paxton and we were given
a tour and a little history. The building ( I think that they are still
own the same building) that they were using in 1972 was constructed by
WTAG for Channel 5.  
On the south hill, where WAAF transmits from, is an old wooden pole with
an old
low band (42-48Mhz) antenna still installed, this supposedly was one used
by Armstrong's Network. Not sure if Paxton had its own Yankee station or
if this was just
a relay point. Asnabumsket isn't line of sight to Mt. Washington, but
very close and
a relay here  would probably work fine, even on the new FM band. Perhaps
couldn't use Mt Wachusett, which is line of sight to Mt. Washington, NH.

Mark Casey   Hampden Mass      map@map.com