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Re: Boston TV firsts

At 02:47 AM 4/2/97 +0000, you wrote:
>I just found an article from November of 1949, which tells how Raytheon is
>eagerly awaiting FCC approval to go on the air with WRTB, Channel 2 (!) in
>Boston.  Raytheon planned to erect their antenna in Medford, having arranged
>to lease space on the WEEI-FM tower.  The article goes on to say that CBS
>was also applying for channel 2, as was Meredith Publishing (which owned the
>magazine "Better Homes and Gardens").  In the article, Raytheon spokespeople
>sounded very confident that they would soon get approval to go on the air,
>but I gather that none of the aforementioned applicants got FCC approval for
>channel 2-- does anyone know what happened and why?  
Ever wonder why there is no TV Channel 1? Well, there was supposed to be
one; and it was deleted, I think before any stations assigned to Channel 1
took to the air. As I understand it, Channel 1 was to be for local
community-oriented stations that would use less than the 100 kW @ 1000 ft
visual that low-band VHFs are allowed in this part of the country. I think
the spectrum space for Channel 1 was reassigned to mobile communications,
possibly at the same time that Channels 4 and 5 became separated by 4 MHz
(well, OK, by 4 Mcps at the time). Anyhow, I believe WRTB's orignal COL was
to be Waltham and its original channel was to be Channel 1. Perhaps Raytheon
felt that the deletion of Channel 1 gave them a lock on Channel 2. If so,
the FCC had other ideas. I think the reservation of certain channels for
noncommercial stations did away with the possibility of a commercial station
on Channel 2 in Boston.

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