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Re: AM radio does live news!!!

I suppose I'll get my two cents worth in regarding live radio news.
We still do it 5am to 7pm, seven days a week.  We have the usual
structured newscasts plus several expanded blocks during the day.  When
the situation calls for it...major storms, disasters, whatever, we'll
break format and go on wall-to-wall.  We are probably the last station
in our market to care enough about local news to make the effort.  Hell,
I even go out at night covering meetings...councils, school boards,
whatever is generating news the public might want to hear.  We also
cover our share of spot news stories...the fire in Rochester, NH and the
breaking story of a porn photographer in Dover are two recent examples.
Our night news is recorded...but if something is happening the news
staff is always reachable by beeper...and we'll dump the tape and go
True, WTSN has given in somewhat to the lure of Rush, Dr. Laura, Bruce
Williams, and other satellite crap, but we still do a live "Morning Info
Center", a mid-morning local call-in, a noon report, a 60 minute update
at 5, and an early evening call-in.
It isn't easy with a limited staff and an ownership that tries to treat
us like a used car dealership...but we're hanging in there.  It's
fun...and the public appreciates it.
Oh yeah...storm cancellations are always free, and always will be.

Enjoy the day,

Dan Cole
Asst ND
WTSN (AM1270) / WBYY (The Bay 98.7)
Dover, NH