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Re: AM radio does live news!!!

On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Donna Halper wrote:

> Were any of you around during "Hurricane Carol"-- without
> transistor radios, we would all have been totally cut off from life because
> the power was out for days...  

I was in Albany during Hurricane Carol, but I remember that my aunt had a
battery-operated portable radio a few years before that.  They had them
back then, with vacuum tubes.

Anyway, too bad radio has by and large given
> up its news commitment.  Yes, reading the storm center closings in boring,
> but Don was doing real news-- calling various power companies for
> actualities, interviewing people about how the storm had affected them... ah
> the good old days when radio did that all the time...  sigh...   
I was disappointed to discover, a few years ago, that radio stations now
charge to make snow cancellation announcements.  That used to be a public

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