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Re: Boston TV firsts

On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Donna Halper wrote:

> I just found an article from November of 1949, which tells how Raytheon is
> eagerly awaiting FCC approval to go on the air with WRTB, Channel 2 (!) in
> Boston.  Raytheon planned to erect their antenna in Medford, having arranged
> to lease space on the WEEI-FM tower.  The article goes on to say that CBS
> was also applying for channel 2, as was Meredith Publishing (which owned the
> magazine "Better Homes and Gardens").  In the article, Raytheon spokespeople
> sounded very confident that they would soon get approval to go on the air,
> but I gather that none of the aforementioned applicants got FCC approval for
> channel 2-- does anyone know what happened and why?  
Wasn't that about the time the FCC ordered a four-year freeze on new TV
station licenses? 

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