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Re: radio firsts

WHA does use the line "oldest station in the nation" in its IDs (or it used
to, anyhow). But, allegedly, KQW San Jose (now KCBS San Francisco--on 740)
claims to be older. One of the things about WHA that amazes me each time I
think of it is that, until the FCC started allowing daytime stations to
operate with low power at night, WHA was a daytimer! Why should a station
that claims to be the oldest in the nation and that operates with 5 kW D ND
on a regional channel not have nighttime authority with reasonable power
(like 1 kW)? They were there long enough to have gotten a ND night assignment.

WHA was owned by the State of Wisconsin, which also owned another 5 kW ND
daytimer, WLBL Auburndale WI, a good way north of Madison. I suspect that,
today, those two AMs and a long list of FMs are owned by Wisconsin Public
Broadcasting, which may or may not be a state agency.

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