New England's first all-digital station on the AM band

Wed Dec 1 23:53:47 EST 2021

I picked them up on Storrow Drive around 4:30PM, sunset.  (Was that night

After one seconds of static the HD radio in my car locked on and
it.....sounded GREAT!

Amazed at the quality of the sound!  Made me wonder if we were all too quick
to dismiss HD on AM.  Then I recalled that this isn't hybrid, it's
all-digital.  Maybe that makes a difference in coverage and fidelity?

I found myself wondering what other music formats could sound great on AM!  

Are there future plans for developing this signal...or is it staying
traditional jazz for the time being?


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WSRO Ashland, MA is on the air in the digital-only MA-3 mode of HD Radio.
The transition occurred about 3:30 this afternoon (December 1).

If any of y'all can hear it, I'd appreciate reception reports. The station
drops from 1,500 watts in the day to 100 watts at night.



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