New England's first all-digital station on the AM band

Garrett Wollman
Wed Dec 1 22:35:13 EST 2021

<<On Wed, 1 Dec 2021 20:37:50 -0500 (EST), Rob Landry <> said:

> WSRO Ashland, MA is on the air in the digital-only MA-3 mode of HD 
> Radio. The transition occurred about 3:30 this afternoon (December 1).

> If any of y'all can hear it, I'd appreciate reception reports. The station 
> drops from 1,500 watts in the day to 100 watts at night.

I just pulled out my trusty old XDR-F1HD and hooked up the AM loop,
and it locked instantly (for the first time ever on any "HD" AM
station).  I'm not setup for listening to line-level outputs right now
so I can't comment on the audio quality.

(Note that I am just about two miles east of Mt. Wayte Ave., so
practically in the peak of the pattern.)

I'll see if I can remember to check when driving tomorrow (usually I
have the car on Bluetooth for podcasts).


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