No AM radio on 2021 VW?
Sat Apr 17 14:12:46 EDT 2021

I have a 2019 VW Atlas. Although the radio does cover the AM band, there is
so much static that really only WBZ and WRKO can be listened to, and then
not for long. The FM and satellite sections are fine. I think it's because
there is only the satellite antenna. My previous car had both a whip antenna
and the satellite antenna on the roof. The Atlas has only the satellite
antenna. So I listen to WBZ on 107.9 HD2, and WRKO on 100.7 HD2.

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No - I have an EV [Chevy Bolt] and AM is fine.  Not having AM in the car is
strange - there are still very rural places where there's not much FM.  I
suppose there's always SiriusXM if you pony up for it.  And of course music
on your phone or thumb-drive or whatever.  Yes, AM is dying, but it's not
dead yet.

GM car radios don't have HD-FM [well, my 2017 doesn't], since they want to
sell you SiriusXM.....

Ron Bello
Fri Apr 16 18:06:41 EDT 2021
Could it be that the electronics / motor(s) generate so much electrical
noise that the AM band is unlistenable ?

On Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 6:00 PM dw <> wrote:
 > According to a review on Jerry Reynold's CarPro USA site for the 2021 VW
 > ID.4 First Edition all-electric SUV,
 > "If you listen to AM radio, you better hope your favorite station has an
 > FM HD alternative, because there is no AM band on the ID.4, but there is
 > and Sirius/XM."

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