No AM radio on 2021 VW?

George Allen
Sat Apr 17 13:16:24 EDT 2021

No - I have an EV [Chevy Bolt] and AM is fine.  Not having AM in the 
car is strange - there are still very rural places where there's not 
much FM.  I suppose there's always SiriusXM if you pony up for 
it.  And of course music on your phone or thumb-drive or 
whatever.  Yes, AM is dying, but it's not dead yet.

GM car radios don't have HD-FM [well, my 2017 doesn't], since they 
want to sell you SiriusXM.....

Ron Bello
Fri Apr 16 18:06:41 EDT 2021
Could it be that the electronics / motor(s) generate so much electrical
noise that the AM band is unlistenable ?

On Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 6:00 PM dw <> wrote:
 > According to a review on Jerry Reynold's CarPro USA site for the 2021 VW
 > ID.4 First Edition all-electric SUV,
 > "If you listen to AM radio, you better hope your favorite station has an
 > FM HD alternative, because there is no AM band on the ID.4, but there is HD
 > and Sirius/XM."

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