No AM radio on 2021 VW?

Dave Doherty
Sat Apr 17 23:34:44 EDT 2021

I think it's just that they don't want to put the effort and cost per vehicle into quieter electronics. 

I'd love to see what a good lab would report with respect to Part 15 interference thrown off by a Tesla or any of the others. 

I have a new Toyota Camry Hybrid with AM, FM, HD, and Sirius-XM. We have no AM HDs around here, so AM reception is all analog. There isn't a trace of vehicle noise on the AM. Lots of outside noise, of course, but it's not coming from the vehicle, whether in EV or gas mode, even under heavy acceleration, which assumes substantial current being delivered to the electric motor. 

As for antennas, there's the usual roof-mounted puck/fin, and some odd-looking traces on the rear window and rear side windows.


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That is the issue with Tesla.

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Could it be that the electronics / motor(s) generate so much electrical noise that the AM band is unlistenable ?


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> According to a review on Jerry Reynold’s CarPro USA site for the 2021 
> VW
> ID.4 First Edition all-electric SUV,
> "If you listen to AM radio, you better hope your favorite station has 
> an FM HD alternative, because there is no AM band on the ID.4, but 
> there is HD and Sirius/XM.”
> David Wilson

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