Late Night - Early AM on WBZ-AM is now Mr. Computer

Rob Landry
Thu Jan 16 12:23:36 EST 2020

On Thu, 16 Jan 2020, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> Let's be honest - radio as we knew it is dying and this once vibrant
> mailing list is as well because we have lost many long-time posters over
> the years.

Not dying, I think, but changing. Change is, if not constant, inevitable. 
Palaeontologist Stephen Jay Gould came up with the concept of "punctuated 
equilibrium"-- imperceptibly slow change punctuated by episodes of rapid, 
revolutionary change -- to describe the evolution of living things in 
nature. This description fits the history and progress of our own species 
as well.

Eyeheart -- I refuse to use their ridiculous spelling -- is a publicly 
held company driven, as usual, by short-term financial goals that have 
nothing to do with serving Boston or any of the other communities they are 
licensed to serve. Announcers and journalists are just so many assets to 
be used and discarded as corporate management sees fit.

Meanwhile, in the upper Connecticut valley, my brother and I are trying to 
do right by the communities we serve, using the scant resources we have. 
It's not easy.


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