Late Night - Early AM on WBZ-AM is now Mr. Computer

Kevin Vahey
Thu Jan 16 04:00:30 EST 2020

It was inevitable but with iHeart laying off Bradley Jay, WBZ this morning
is just now computer-driven babble.

>From a beancounter's perspective, that was a logical call but it still

The late Neil Rogers saw this coming over 30 years ago when he was
screaming on air that 'The Cox Sisters' only cared about billable hours
when he was working at WIOD in Miami.

Those of us who now carry Medicare cards remember how important WBZ-AM was
overnight even if there were no ratings to back it up. When I lived in
Chicago in the early 80's WBZ was my lifeline to home as the station at
night came as clear as any Chicago station. In the '70s before all-night TV
and cable, it was estimated that Larry Glick could have 2-4 MILLION
listeners in at night because of how powerful WBZ's signal was. I remember
one night in the 90's I was driving on I-95 in North Carolina and did a
scan on AM and only one station locked in - it was WBZ

Let's be honest - radio as we knew it is dying and this once vibrant
mailing list is as well because we have lost many long-time posters over
the years.

Being nostalgic I can't help of thinking that almost 30 years ago Jess
Cain's farewell broadcast was a gala at the 'Top of the Hub' which on
Wednesday announced it was closing.

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