AM radio and Max (Mac?) Richmond

Kevin Vahey
Mon Feb 19 17:52:55 EST 2018

Keep in mind that 2 of the biggest radio manufacturers in the US in the
late 60's/70's were owned by car companies - Philco (Ford) and Delco (GM)

On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 11:57 AM, Don <> wrote:

> I always wondered why it took so long to get FM into cars.
> Remember....FM was an extra option...and cost more.....just like electric
> windows.  Cost conscious buyers and dealers would do without!  (I have a
> colleague that told me his father would never buy a car with any
> radio...becuase it was "an extra".)
> It was a little while before they became a stock/standard item.
> I remember some older aunts and uncles who got FM's as a stock radio
> included.
> Most of them never listened to the FM option....because car AM radio was
> for "car listening"...and the FM formats were for "home listening".

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