Arnie "WooWoo" Ginsberg interview: The Sounds of the 60's

George Allen
Sat Feb 17 07:54:21 EST 2018

Hi Kevin - I don't have any, but there are some at:

And yes, Norm R. had a set of pipes!

At 03:51 AM 2/16/2018, Kevin Vahey wrote:
George - Did any Kenny Mayer tapes survive?

Kenny Mayer had a phenomenal audience on 1600 and later with the 
simulcast on 92,9 on early Monday mornings as it was him and Norm 
Nathan at WHDH - everybody else was off the air. The simple fact that 
all one has to say is WO9-8989 and 50 years later people remember..

I also want to say that Norm Ruby was a person that helped steer me 
into the broadcast life as a career. Norm was blessed with good pipes 
but he was very helpful to young people interested in the business.

In 1971 roughly 2 months before he died I wound up having lunch with 
Mac Richmond who owned WMEX and he told me he made a huge mistake not 
buying 92.9 when Champion offered it to him for cheap money..

Mac had problems with a FM he owned in Washington but  he grasped 
that college students were buying FM tuners in Boston but the offer 
to buy WBOS was off the table. 

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