Arnie "WooWoo" Ginsberg interview: The Sounds of the 60's

Rob Landry
Sun Feb 18 19:21:03 EST 2018

On Sat, 17 Feb 2018, George Allen wrote:

> Hi Kevin - I don't have any, but there are some at:

Kenny's last show was recorded a couple days before his death, and never 
aired. It was in a drawer in my desk when I left WUNR/WBOS in 1983; when I 
came back three years later to do some contract work, I looked for it but 
it was gone. It was on a couple of 10-inch reels.

> And yes, Norm R. had a set of pipes!

Norm was a joy to work with. He used to go into one of the studios to 
record Demos Kakridas, an octogenarian program host for one of the Greek 
shows, and Zemo or I would pick up a plastic pitchform that lived int he 
control room and stab upwards with it, pretending ot ward off an attack by 
some giant winged monster. Norm would respond by flipping his headphones 
sideways, so they oneverd his nose and the back of his head, and rise up 
from his chair moving his arms as if swimming underwater. Demos, who never 
took his eyes off his copy, would carry on with his show oblivious to all 
of this.


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