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Don astelle.donald@gmail.com
Thu Feb 1 21:43:54 EST 2018

 WNNW 800 AM shut off the HD......because they said they were "having
trouble keeping the transmitter "stable"".

(Considering that the trasmitter is somewhat new, I am surprised.)

In other words they couldn't figure out how to make it work right.

Given that they play lots of music on that station, I am surprised.

They seem to have so many signals that no one is actually monitoring them.

They once had a corrupted file running as a repeating loop on one of their
HD signals....and it ran like that for weeks.

This whole operation WNNW, WCCM, WCED, 98.9FM, WMXV, 102.9-HD-1 &
HD-2......could use a few professionals in the building.

On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 8:28 PM, Jim Hall <aerie.ma@comcast.net> wrote:

> My new car has HD radio, and I was checking the radio's performance while
> driving around the Lowell/Andover region today. WBZ comes in with a stable
> HD signal (probably 25 miles direct line from Hull), but I was surprised to
> find that WNNW (800) no longer broadcasts in HD. I wasn't sure it was the
> station or the new radio, so I actually drove up to the transmitter site to
> make sure. No HD. I switched over to their translator, and that was in HD.
> The HD1 was perfectly fine, but the volume on the HD2 channel was nearly
> non-existent (reminded me of how WILD was for a while). I also checked out
> WCCM (1570). Thinking I would be blasted out of my car parked 100 feet from
> the 50,000 watt signal, I turned down the volume before switching. But
> actually the signal was listenable, but not as strong as I was expecting,
> and I was wondering if maybe they are transmitting from somewhere else?

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