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Jeff Lehmann jjlehmann@comcast.net
Thu Feb 1 21:46:52 EST 2018

800 WNNW has not broadcast in HD for quite some time, maybe 5 years if I had to guess? I think it went away when they fired up the FM translator.

I’m quite sure 1570 is there on the 800 tower. Maybe their modulation was just low?

For some reason 1570 (and their 105.3 translator in Medford/Malden) have been Broadcasting the same programming as 800/102.9 for the last few weeks. Maybe the lease deal with “Galaxia Radio” fell apart?

Jeff Lehmann

> On Feb 1, 2018, at 8:28 PM, Jim Hall <aerie.ma@comcast.net> wrote:
> My new car has HD radio, and I was checking the radio's performance while
> driving around the Lowell/Andover region today. WBZ comes in with a stable
> HD signal (probably 25 miles direct line from Hull), but I was surprised to
> find that WNNW (800) no longer broadcasts in HD. I wasn't sure it was the
> station or the new radio, so I actually drove up to the transmitter site to
> make sure. No HD. I switched over to their translator, and that was in HD.
> The HD1 was perfectly fine, but the volume on the HD2 channel was nearly
> non-existent (reminded me of how WILD was for a while). I also checked out
> WCCM (1570). Thinking I would be blasted out of my car parked 100 feet from
> the 50,000 watt signal, I turned down the volume before switching. But
> actually the signal was listenable, but not as strong as I was expecting,
> and I was wondering if maybe they are transmitting from somewhere else? 

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